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Sandy Bay Historical Society & Museums, Inc.


Museums / Historic Sites

About Us

The Sewall-Scripture House at 40 King Street was built in 1832 by Levi Sewall with granite from his own quarry. It was lived in by his descendants until purchased by the Historical Society in 1957. A 1996 addition expanded exhibition space and a new library provides access to extensive holdings of local history and genealogical information.

The Old Castle, a first-period Salt Box house built circa 1711 by Jethro Wheeler, is also owned by the Historical Society. It contains Dogtown exhibits, quarry tools and North Village history. The Old Caste is located on Castle Lane in Pigeon Cove center and is open July-August 2-5 p.m. on Saturdays and occasionally by appointment.

The research library is open to the public every Monday from 9 a.m to. noon, except for major holidays. Library collections include extensive holdings of local history and genealogical information.

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