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About Us

Bringing art and design together as a partnership for making your house your home, we design and produce custom and bespoke hand-knotted rugs. With these one-of-a-kind made-to-order pieces, we can customize from our collections in size, pattern, and colorway to fit both your personal style and home decor OR we can create new designs from your own inspirations. To lovers of patterns, colors, and textiles: these prized pieces - crafted in an ancient art form and still celebrated in our present-day lives - can be hung on the wall (with or without decorative headrails and frames) or laid on the floor. When hung as wall art, aside from the acoustical benefits in helping to further manage sound waves in a space, they will also - with their soft tactile properties - extend a welcoming invitation to zoom in, get close, and to touch. In 100% Tibetan Wool and/or Chinese Silk, entirely handmade and hand-knotted by our weavers in Nepal, our rugs will create dynamic and uplifting changes in your interior designScapes. As an interior designer, artist, and practitioner who - for over 40 years and 500 projects - continues to celebrate the joys of business, I'm dedicated to providing that ''PERFECT'' piece for that revitalizes your home interiors for many years to come. Working in partnership with GoodWeave International, our rugs carry the GoodWeave label offering the best assurance that no child labor was used in its production. ~hand-knotted rug art fresh off the loom...and worth waiting for ~

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