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Gallery Number One


Artists / Galleries / Art Associations


The Annie B watercolor
Black Sheep watercolor
Good Harbor Footbridge watercolor
On East Main watercolor
The Restoration of the Phyllis A watercolor
Holy Mackerel watercolor
Gloucester Blue watercolor
Halibut Point in Winter watercolor
Duckworth's: Reflections watercolor
Gallery Image Fishing-Shack.jpg
Gallery Image Longliner_at_dock.jpg
Gallery Image Lobster-Boats.jpg
Gallery Image Rafe's_Chasm.jpg
Gallery Image schradieck_d_backshorebreaker_wc.jpg
Gallery Image schradieck_d_rockandroll_wc.jpg
Gallery Image Shacks-RGB.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_0397.jpg
Gallery Image Motif-X1.jpg
Gallery Image Morning_Dories-72dpi.jpg
Rockport Still Life
Winter at Flat Rocks
Saturday Afternoon at The Beacon
You've Got Mail!
Zinnias in Dock Square
Tulips at Old Garden
Lula's Pantry

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