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Cynthia Curtis Pottery

Cynthia Curtis Pottery


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About Us

Cynthia Curtis Pottery Studio is located in the “Pigeon Cove” area of Rockport, Massachusetts, close to the popular tourist attraction ‘The Paper House,’ local wooded trails and historic granite quarries. Cynthia Curtis Pottery is known for its ocean-inspired pottery creations including coral vases, lamps, berry bowls, ornaments, scallop and clam shell dishes, mugs, and wedding platters. You can find these handmade creations at our studio, and galleries and shops throughout Cape Ann such as Rocky Neck in Gloucester and Bearskin Neck in Rockport. Cynthia has taught over 1,200 students for decades how to create functional and decorative high-fire stoneware treasures on the pottery wheel in addition to crafting unique hand-built art pieces (pinch pots, coil pots, slab pieces, sculpture) in a relaxed environment.

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