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Coldwell Banker - Christina Maria Guibas


Real Estate / Real Estate Development / Home Services

About Us

Born in the Hudson River Valley of New York, and raised in Middlesex county New Jersey, I was drawn to big cities from an early age. I was on the professional track to becoming a classical pianist when I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007 to attend music conservatory. completing my undergraduate studies, I continued on to pursue my Masters and spent additional years teaching both piano and ballroom dance. Though expressing oneself through music is a deeply human activity, pursuing it as a career is a rather lonely endeavor. There were aspects of me that were not completely fulfilled, and it was through that seeking spirit that real estate found me!
My former careers in the arts were the perfect training ground for my career in real estate! To succeed in classical music one needs to be tireless, tenacious, patient, idealistic, creative and bold. One also has to develop a ton of discipline and a lurking perfectionism. Can you imagine what these skills can do for business? I can tell you, they make for an excellent negotiator, someone who can change courses on a dime, and a risk-taker that isn’t afraid to make bold choices to stand out.
In addition to working with buyers and sellers, I also have a real knack for aiding investors. I relish finding new ways to look at the data to be able to predict emerging markets. I also love to help my clients take on projects!
As a resident of the North Shore, I focus on this market, but also have a history of working downtown Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding suburbs.


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