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Action Inc.

Action Inc.


Housing & Human Services

About Us

Action Inc. is about helping people and changing lives. We’re dedicated to empowering people and building a stronger, more productive community. We offer affordable housing and homelessness prevention, fuel assistance and energy conservation programs, education and job training, and in-home personal care services for elderly and disabled adults. We are a welcoming place where you can find help, hope, and support when you need it most.

Action, Inc. aims to be an instrument of change, helping all individuals and families within our service area achieve the greatest possible level of self-sufficiency.

• Connection: We will connect people with the tools – programs, services, resources, and education -- to create opportunities and address poverty at the local level and make our community an even better place to live for everyone.
• Communication: We will inform our stakeholders and community at large about local needs and available services, while playing a key role in conversations around poverty.
• Partnership: We will seek out input from other stakeholders in our community, engaging in a collaborative approach to meeting community needs efficiently, effectively, and innovatively.
• Coordination: We will work to coordinate services both internally among Action’s own programs and externally among other service providers, to ensure individual needs are met.
• Respect: We will treat everyone who crosses our path with dignity and respect, and aim to offer hope and positive support.

Rep/Contact Info

Peggy Hegarty-Steck
Executive Director
Allison Lex
Director of Operations & Planning
Nikki Marin
Director of Education & Training
Megan Merlin
Marketing & Outreach Manager

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